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My story for the Storybook

2008-12-12 09:16:29 by jossospro

The museum was quiet... too quiet. An old man was showing me around. We looked at artworks and sculptures, but something caught my eye. A pink door. It looked very out of place.

As I looked at it, the old man came up to me and said "Don't touch pink Gorilla".

I said "What?"

He repeated "Don't touch pink gorilla!"

The moment was awkward. He must've been talking about the door. We went on a little further, but that door was too tempting. It's pink... ness...

The old man continued on. I stood there for a while to make sure he'd keep talking to me in my absence. Indeed he did. I ran back and went into the pink door.

I entered a dark room. I shut the door behind me and I was completely engulfed in darkness...

I reached around, found a switch, and clicked it. The whole place became loud and lights turned on with loud clicks and bangs. The room was much bigger than I expected, and I kid you not, I was looking over a railway at a 20 foot high robot Gorilla head.

The massive contraption looked mean and menacing. I inched forward to look over the rail, and sure enough, 100 meters down the room continued. The stairs spiralled around the room, around the massive pink gorilla. It was a standing, yet dead killing machine.

I decided to go down the stairs, and down down down I went. What I got to the bottom I came up to the giant robot's pink foot. It shone in the dim ancient lights like immaculate metal.

As I was about to touch it, I remembered what the old man told me...

"Don't touch pink gorilla! Don't touch pink gorilla!"

Surely I wasn't going to touch pink gorilla? Surely I couldn't... I shouldn't...

I put my hand on the foot. Silence...

Phew. I sighed in relief. All of a sudden there was a screaming noise of live mechanical activity all around me. I looked up horrified, and the massive pink gorilla head looked down at me with menacing hateful bit red eyes!

I screamed my lungs out, and then ran with unnatural speed up the stairs. Round and round and round, lunging for the exit no matter how far away it was!

A hand reached for me... I sped up and it just missed me smashing the wall into pieces. I screamed even more!


I was helpless, until I got to the pink door. I ran at it... tried to pry it open, but it was locked. I was DOOMED!

The pink gorilla was staring at me. I waited for a lazer, or a hand to fly out at me!

Surely enough the terrible pink gorilla, with its mighty mechanical hand reached for me!

The hand came closer, and closer! I couldn't escape! Why did I touch pink gorilla? WHY!!!

As I bid farewell to my life, the pink gorilla poked me in the chest...

It said "You're it."